change oil after 1 track day?

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Nov 9, 2003
Sydney Au
Hi, i currently have 15/50 Motul Semi-synthetic 4100 oil.

i have done 600kms with about 100kms of track use.

do you think i need an oil change?

how much longer do you think my oil will last?

Is the car modified? Oil temps? Track length? number of sessions? lap times? Outside temps?
Oil analysis would confirm it for sure, but my strong belief is that this oil is nowhere near used up. (if your car isn't extremely modified that is, and by extremely modified I'd mean that it would have quite a few hundred horsepower over stock)

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my car is a stock wrx sti, 206kw at the fly.

it was 37deg celcius (not farenhight)... very very very hot. with track temperature probably around 60deg

i'll get a UOA done soon.

You should change it, period. It may still have some life in it, but who cares. The price of track days or racing is maintence and to be good to your motor you should change the oil.

You should most definitely change your juice after one track day....if you drive a Nascar sedan or nitro dragster.

I've track raced with Porsche and Alfa Romeo clubs since the 80's, and I think that few of the raceheads I've known change their oil every event, or even every second or third event. Your car is stock, and your lube is a good semi-synthetic. Patman is certainly correct in that a UOA will answer your questions, but personally, I wouldn't change that oil any more often than 2,000-2,500 miles or so, even with several track events, for a stock street car. Just one faux beer snob's opinion...
Yeah, but guys...he's got 600km? That's like 1.5 gas tanks worth...and you want to change it?

Secondly, it's 15-50...not 0-20...unless you've never used it, it's hard to comment, but this grade can take a a UOA if questioning....
250kms to get to the track - all freeway
100kms of track use
250 kms to get home - all freeway

dunno if its a myth that i need to change oil, if i am only now going to do daily driving...

i will update you all
Why in the world should he change it? I've posted numerous UOAs using Redline 5w40 with lots of track usage. At 5k intervals, with my car having double the factory torque(140>>280) and a turbo, running Watkins Glen in the summertime heat, the UOAs are excellent. Waste of money.

-Mike P
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