Change my oil, or wait?

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Oct 28, 2008
It's nice out today, so I was kicking around the idea to change my oil. 2011 VW Golf 2.5L: I changed the Factory Fill @ 1750 miles. Right now I have 5700 on it, so the oil has only been in there for 4000 miles. It's been 6 months since I have changes the oil. I don't do any hwy miles really. All of my trips are short (less than 10 miles. Work is only 4 miles away). Since the car is still breaking in would you guy still consider changing it? Not sure how much of a difference it makes with the short trips. Or should I wait until spring when the oil is about 8 months old and there's about 6k on the oil? Any input would be helpful, thanks. smile
Change it as per the factory recommended and you should consider whether you fall under severe service also.
Well I do fall under severe service. VW reccomends once a year or 10k miles. I don't feel comfortable with 10k oil changes with how I do very little hwy mileage. Maybe after a uoa I will extend to 10k. I have always done 6mo changes in the past I'm just a little hesitant with the golf since I'm using an oil known to be pretty stout.
For the good of your car, just find a reason to make a weekly 1 hour mainly highway roundtrip. That would put your mind at rest and be good for your car. A weekly restaurant trip or a gf in another town would work.
Yep. My driving is all suburban roads so it's not terrible. Oil temps hit 180F regularly but not too often that I get above 200F. I just have a lot Of 0w-40 sitting around from an AutoZone special so I am itching to change it. : /
since you already have the oil, the engine is new, and its nice out i would change it for sure. Your excuse can be the engine was still breaking in.
I'd change it, and then go to a normal interval thereafter. 4K is plenty for the second run on a new engine. The nice day thing shouldn't matter, since we've had many of them this winter.
IMHO, you can't know how the oil is doing unless you have a UOA performed. If it were my vehicle I'd change it, have the oil analyzed and base my future changes on that.
Well I changed the oil and filter ( left the original filter on for the factory fill change). I'm going to do an UOA and see how it looks. Thanks guys!
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