Change Delvac 5W40 at 5000 miles?

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Oct 14, 2003
Eldora, Colorado 9000'
I just realized I've had the Delvac 5W40 in my truck for 5000 miles. Now, I have to tow a 3500lb trailer to Denver (1000+ miles). Then, I'll travel around for another 2K miles. So, I'll have 8000+ miles on it soon. I really don't want to change out the oil. It still looks new, like light brown honey. Should I change it now or go 8K-10K on it? And no, I have no time for a UOA. Thanks in advance.
If you don't do a UOA, how will you possibly know if you've changed the oil at the correct interval? Perhaps it's in bad shape right now and you don't even know it. Or perhaps 10k will show it's still got life in it. You'll just never know without a UOA. [Duh!]
Yea, this is a tough call but I guess I would err' on the side of caution and go ahead and change it. How about a filter change and top off? That would at least get some fresh additive back into the mix?
Change it, but take a sample....for NEXT time this happens you will know where you are. As an example, with my cars I have a sort of mini database (in head and on paper) that I can dead reckon, given the miles, oil, conditions, etc....with some level of knowledge. This, of course is all directly related to nothing going south mechanically, so to speak. I assume first run with this oil? That would be a driver to change it, as well.
No. I know some guys hate the "don't go by looks thing", but if it does in fact look good, what do you think is missing that it once had? Delvac 1 is a commercial oil designed to go something like 60k mi. OCI''ll be fine at 8-10k!
Take a sample even though you are changeing it! This oil should easily be able to doe a 8000-10,000 mile oil change interval!!! Delvac-1 is designed for extended drains in commercial diesels.
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