Champion of the Walmart Shelf! SuperTech vs QuakerState vs Valvoline

Aug 14, 2019
Last year was very challenging at the local Walmart. When you went in all the brands you wanted were not there and I dont like buying oil mail-order. However Walmart came out with shelves of blue bottle SuperTech. So I grabbed some and found it actually tested very well on par with Pennzoil. I tested the Advanced version, just sent out a UOA to Blackstone for Full Synthetic and have High Mileage loaded in.

Now it looks like Quaker State has thrown its hat in the ring with Ultimate Protection to rival the Walmart reining champion SuperTech Advanced! Valvoline brought out its dreadknought to battle it out on the shelves too!

I never thought it would get this exciting at Walmart!

Who will be the Walmart shelf champion?

That’s a hard decision between Quaker State or Valvoline. But I hate that Valvoline took away the easy pour spout so I’d probably guess Quaker State. I don’t like to use store brand oil so I don’t want to pick the SuperTech. I just purchased 6 quarts of the Quaker State 5W20 for my Escape next oil change they are always out of Valvoline and Castrol so I had read good things about that and bought some.
All 3 have cheaper versions and all are priced about the same.

Valvoline says this about their advanced version...the last part about "American made". Which oils are not made in America?
Oils are getting closer and closer to the same as the specs are getting tighter on oils. If they have a GF-6A and a Dexos Gen 3, the oils are very similiar, you can't go wrong with any of them. Comes down to your preference.
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Mobil 1 isnt participating in "Oil Mania" at Walmart. First came the new SuperTech line sporting blue bottles, 4 distinct levels of oil...some believe its all the same oil mind you and the "Advanced" version which is their "HellCat". Quaker State...not to be outdone...came out with Walmart shelf exclusive "Ultimate Protection" bringing back memories of "Ultimate Durability" The other oil which battles for Walmart shelf space is Valvoline and they now sporting "Advanced".

As for Pennzoil and Mobil 1 when Im at the Walmart it seems like they dont have too much of it on the shelf. It seems like Walmart not good enough for them. Im also.seeing the Motorcraft oils disappearing which were once abundant at Walmart.
Specs are improving oil. But, its all in baby steps. There is nothing tighter but maybe the licensing. There is plenty of room for more improvement. But, what is the goal? saving your engine, your emissions systems, the environment, or the balancing of three?

I think that someone mistyped gf-3a instead of gf-6a
Here is my last test of SuperTech Advanced 5W30. The other two oils tested were PUP 5W30 and QS 5W40 Euro. Just sent out a sample of SuperTech 5W30 Full Synthetic and have High Mileage in it now. Next oil will be whatever Walmart has when I need it....Valvoline or QSUP.

The QS 5W40 Euro API SP was notably a very robust 5W30 even thought its marked as 5W40. It has higher levels of most everything. I ran it during June/July which were demanding months. I would consider their 5W40 Euro more like a heavier duty 5W30.