Challenger and Camaro concepts

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Still feel that many of these concept cars will go the way of the New T-Bird, and GTO. You know the costs will be north of $30K for the cheapest version. Which kills the largest chunk of the market. The guys that want these cars are the under 30 crowd. I remember the GTO was touted as being a nicely equipped car for $25K. Anyone see an advertisement for a new GTO under $30K?
If they're selling a new Hemi Challenger for $29,999 it may be a good seller. But if the car comes in at $35K plus kiss it good bye in 3 or 4 years. The reason the Camaro and Firebirds were killed off was they got too expensive for the market they were chasing. If they had been smart and stripped the car down to the original way cars were sold in 60's and 70's they would still be selling today. They have to be able to get a guy or girl into a V8 version for under $22K-24K even if it is stripped or a base model.
Sell me a Hemi Challenger with vinyl or cloth seats, push down locks, roll up windows and a 6 speed, PS, PB, posi rear end throw in a few accessories like AC a rear window defrost and cruise control for under $24K and I would buy the car. Yes I would accept steel wheels with moon hub caps and deleted radio option if need be.
I like the challenger better--looks like a modern incarnation of the old one.

The new Camaro just does not convey the muscle car era (like--say a 1969 Camaro did).
My opinion is the camaro is a way better concept. It's not totally retro, so in a few years they'll be able to evolve it into a new 6th generation.

What are they going to do with the challenger, it looks exaclty like the old one.
why change on a great body style
Challenger = 4100lbs!!! Need I say more.

ALS, From 1998-02 you could get an LS1 Camaro w low 300rwhps, 6 speed, cloth interior, totally stripped for under $24K. Only the SS and WS6 and Firehawk models tipped over $28K. These cars were called the Z28 and Formula.
GM had better get the quality (fit/finish/reliability) up to snuff when and if they decide to produce the new Camaro/Firebird. The previous F-body was not exactly setting the world ablaze with quality. GM has got to quit using the end-customer in the design/developement stage. Get it RIGHT the first time, GM!
I like 'em both, looks-wise. That's good 'cause I haven't AT ALL liked any of the other new-wave muscle-cars in that department, except maybe the Mustang, which is okay IMO. I love the Challenger shape. Why mess it up? And the Camaro is one of the freshest looks I've seen in a while.

I do, however, have a growing pet peeve with these narrow, slit-like windows that are getting popular. The Magnum has 'em, the HHR, some others, and now the new Camaro looks that way too. I haven't driven/ridden in any of them yet, but my wife had a rental Magnum recently and said it was a pain because you couldn't see anything. To actually enjoy DRIVING a car you need a good view out.

- Glenn
I agree with ALS, but let me add this: What kills the deal for a lot of the potential buyers of these cars are the insurance costs. The young, single males that are the target buyers have the highest premiums. The older, married guys pay a lot less for insurance, but they're buying BMW and Lexus.
uhhhhhhhhhhhh, is it me or does the Camaro look a LOT LIKE A MUSTANG????? Mustang ran them into the ground in the past, they'll do it again. You'd think GM would have learned that by now.
I wasn't picking the Challenger over the Camaro. I was just making a point. I almost bought a 2002 Z/28 until they told me I couldn't get the car as I described above. The Camaro to me wasn't worth the $25K they were selling it for.
I had a 70 1/2 Z/28 in High School and all it had was PS, PB, posi 355 rear gears and an automatic transmission. Maybe I am just too old school. I'm not the lay out the luxury on me type. That is probably why I like my old Volvo 745 Turbo 4 speed wagon over the 97 960 that spends most of it's time in the garage. If it runs and gets me from point A to point B with no issues that is all I care about.
I really like the Challenger but don't like the Camaro at all. I think they should have done an all-out retro job on it like the Challenger. The way they did the Camaro looks goofy. The Challenger is supposed to be a little over 20K for the V-6 model.
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