Center tread on rear tires wearing more than front

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Dec 18, 2006
This for my 01 MDX. Tires are BFG Long Trail T/A and have about 25k on them and have been rotated and maintained properly. While I was conducting the pre winter tire tread check I noticed that just the center tread on the rear tire showed quite a bit more wear as compared to the front. There are no other abnormal wear patterns and the overall wear between the front and rear is similar, just this center tread on both the rear tires is wearing more. No alignment issues either. What could be the cause for this ? Why would this happen ? Pic below is not the actual tire on the vehicle, but it is a BFG LT T/A just to show you the tread band that is right in the center. Thats the center tread I am talking about.
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Too high pressure will make tire center wear faster the outsides, reduce few PSI will make it even. On my cars, the outsides of front tires wear faster than center, the opposite is true for rear tires, even when I have front tires at 2-3 PSI higher than rear. By rotating regularly the wear pattern is even out, but remember to adjust pressure after rotating.
Are you running the same pressure in all 4 tires? Does the door placard call for lower pressure in the rears? My guess is that the rears have less weight on them, and so should run a lower pressure for even wear.
How often do you rotate the tires? How long have they been on the rear of the vehicle? The rears on a RWD vehicle tend to wear the centers faster (even at placard) and the fronts tend to wear the edges faster (even at placard pressure) in my experience.
First we need to know about the inflation pressure. Second, you should be aware that steer tires tend to wear on the shoulders and drive tires tend to wear in the center. Hypothesis: That the rear tires have enough wear that the pattern for the center rib has changed - making you think the tires are wearing more rapidly. It is not uncommon for tires to change appearance as they wear - that is, the grooves and sipes are not always full depth. Proof: Do a tire rotation and see if the formerly front tires don't do the same thing.
I do tend to keep the tire pressure a tad bit(2-3 psi) higher than placard/jamb. Is that high enough to cause this kind of wear ? It calls for same psi for all 4. I have on many occassions wondered if the rears should be less psi - just because of the "footprint" and weight distribution of the rear tires would be less than the front. But then again that applies mostly to any car. Also, the MDX does send some (35%? 50%?) power to the rear wheels when accelerating and then goes into full FWD mode while cruising.
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Even with even weight front and rear the front tires will wear more on the edges because of changes in angle and additional scrub forces on the front tires. Also I suspect the MDX has more weight on the front tires than rear so needs lower rear pressures for even wear when lightly loaded. Sounds like you have the front pressures about right and the rear pressures a little high for typical operating conditions.
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