Cenex Autogold, 5w30,7500 mi, Chev 5.3

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Jan 10, 2005
Potassium: 3
Copper: 19
Sodium: 2
Iron: 20
Chromium: 1
Aluminum: 3
Silicon: 9
Lead: 3
Tin: 0
Soot: 0
Sulfation: 27
Oxidation: 21

Viscosity 9.8

I had a kit sitting here so I used it. I would have liked to see how much moly/zinc & stuff this oil has, but Cat must not think that important. The test was done by Zieger Cat SOS Services.

I ran this 7500 miles with 20% left on OLM. A lot of highway, but also some idling. The truck has 62,000 miles on it. Also I live on a gravel road and drive on construction sites so it breathes a bit of dust. I use Wix air and oil filters.

I have always wondered if this oil is up to the task and apparently it does ok.
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I didn't get them in the analysis. Guess that is not important to Cat equipment fleets. I have always used Blackstone, but this is my work truck and I used Ziegler as we have kits at work. I was disappointed since those were things I wanted to find out.

I will have to get a Blackstone one next time I guess.
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