CD changers: Opinions? Recommendations?

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Jul 29, 2004
I plan on buying an FM modulated CD changer for my 1995 Ford Crown Victoria LX. It currently has the stock AM/FM cassette and I don't want to remove it because I like the factory look. I haven't bought any car stereo equipment lately so I would like some advice from y'all. I am looking for one that holds 6 to 10 discs, will play MP3s, and has user-friendly controls. I'd prefer that it's control head looks nice and mounts easily as well. Price range for me is about $150 to $300. Any recommendations?
try they send you free install kits and special tools you need for installs. plus if you change out your front 5x7 speakers with 6.5's, they send you free adapter plate. your ford OEM radio needs 2 u-shaped "pullers" to pull the radio out. Notice the two holes on the left and right side of the radio. Go for name brand and you should do well (Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood etc etc). good luck, how is the yukon idle problem?
Thanks, IslandVic. [Smile] Crutchfield only lists three "universal" CD changers. Surely there are more options out there! I'll probably buy on Ebay anyhow. Those U-shaped pullers are easily made with snipped wire coathangers, by the way. Just a little Texas Aggie engineering tip for ya'. [Smile] Unfortunately, I haven't had an opportunity to address the Yukon idle problem yet. I worked 36 hours of overtime on my two days off, so it'll have to be addressed sometime this week and/or weekend.
ebay can be a very good source. Two of my friends flew to Florida today to pick up a clean low miles Caddy ETC they bought off ebay. SOB's are stopping off at casino's on the way back. They WILL PAY for the trip, if not the caddy on the blackjack tables. My one friend is that good.
Have you ever considered getting a mp3 player and one of those tape adapters to hook into your cassette player? Less hassle and you can update your playlist whenever you want.
Suggestion. FM modulated players will ahve the same faults as any FM station. Dropoff on the bottom and top. If that doesn't bother you, then read on. Are you a cd guy or a Digital Guy. Cd guy - do what you are doing Digital guy - Do you have an MP3 player, or have you considered buying one? There are FM modulators which plug inline with the radio antenna harness. They go for about $20-30 and would be a cheap alternative if you don't have a problem with the limitations of FM.
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