CBS predicts 24 cent/gallon gas price increase

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If the used SUV market gets flooded, I might just finally get that Tahoe I've always wanted for $10K!
It's funny...once you own a gas guzzler, it doesn't make much sense to dump it and lose $3 or $4k over the sake of $200 more in fuel bills for the year.

But people are doing it...and other people are picking up bargains.

(albeit at some environmental cost).
It has jumped here from 1.769/gallon to 1.899 gallon in less than two weeks and it's not even summer yet.
I just got back from Thailand. Regular was $1.80/gallon and premium $2.00/gallon in US units. Disel was about $1.55. It had went up about 6 cent/gallon while I was there.

The lowest I saw it here in Northern California near Sacramento this morning was $2.05 for regular and $2.25 for premium.
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