Castrol's 5w20 Syntec Blend

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Feb 10, 2003
somewhere in Jersey
$2.34 at Walmart. I forgot to look for the price of the regular GTX of the same weight. Here's the info from Castrol's website: Syntec Version: NEW! SAE 5W-20: exceeds the Ford Specification WSS-M2C153-H and the service fill requirements for Ford and Honda vehicles where an SAE 5W-20 motor oil is specified. It also exceeds the most stringent fuel economy and fuel economy retention requirements of ILSAC GF-3. It provides a higher level of thermal stability, reduces harmful deposits and delivers superior wear and cold weather protection GTX version: SAE 5W-20: is a premium, multi-grade oil, providing cold start protection with Exceptional Fuel Economy. SAE 5W-20 exceeds API service SL, SJ and SH, as well as exceeding ILSAC GF-3/GF-2 for API Certified Gasoline Engine Oils and Ford WSS-M2C153-H. SAE 5W-20 should only be used in vehicles where SAE 5W-20 is recommended by manufacturer. So what's the difference other than price? [Roll Eyes] Anyway, I bought 5 qts of the blend and might run it on the wife's mdx. I might also run a VOA just to compare to the regular GTX already posted here. [ August 13, 2003, 03:49 PM: Message edited by: pinoy99 ]
I requested a technical data sheet a few weeks ago and was told they were not yet available. My gut tells me to stay with GTX (currently on sale at Advance for $1.38/qt).
Pennzoil 5W-20 is made up of approximately 70% group III and 30% group II+. That is not counting the additive package which I would guess should be about 20%. I don't think the Castrol Blend will be any better. I don't know why pennzoil has not chosen to market their 5W-20 as a blend. The specs for Pennzoil look outstanding and better than all other grades of Pennzoil conventional oil but of course the 5W-20 is unsuitable for some engines because of it's low viscosity. Because of Fords very strict requirements for 5W-20 motor oil I would imagine that most if not all 5W-20 motor oils that meet the Ford specs are a blend of conventional and group III synthetic base oils. Ford requires a double length Sequence IIIF test and also requires a lower limit for the TEOST deposit test. [ August 14, 2003, 04:11 AM: Message edited by: Sin City ]
There <i>has</i> to be a reason that literally every current 5W-20 for use in North America has a significant portion of Group III or uses PAO base stock to meet Ford's spec. I'm guessing Group II+, alone, (plus additives) isn't sufficient. The highly favorable UOAs for Group III/Group II+ 5W-20s that have been posted to date also suggest to me that it is possible to formulate a very high quality finished motor oil from Group IIIs despite the frequent negative comments about Group III's claim to "synthetic" status.
Ray, I think that you're exactly right. When the mfrs. want to, they can rise to the occasion to meet a specific need using Group III stocks, especially evident with the 5/20 oils. Though not all 5/20s are created equal, some are demonstrating through UOAs that they can perform. Blanket condemnations of either Group III oils in this case, or 20 weight oils more generally, do not agree with the facts that we're seeing come to light in the analyses. We have reports of V10s doing heavy towing running 5/20 blend oil and showing enviable wear numbers. That's something.
"the pricing. The 5w20's, with a heavy dose of Group III, are priced higher than their comparable dino oils, but priced much lower than the so called Group III synthetics." That's why the Castrol GTX is really a steal at Advance, they put it on sale with the other weights and I buy it by the case.
I think thats exactly it - the pricing. The 5w20's, with a heavy dose of Group III, are priced higher than their comparable dino oils, but priced much lower than the so called Group III synthetics. Group III's are capable oils, only one has to make sure the price justifies the results!
I'm wondering if the Syntec blend is really now equivalent to the Syntec since this weight is essentially marketed by some vendors as blend already. Anyway, the blend went in yesterday afternoon on the wife's mdx - will do a UOA 3-4 months later.
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