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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
Quick questionregarding the syntec that is made in Germany...

looking at various bottles, I saw that the 15w-40 blend and the 0w-30 stated that they were made in the USDA of foreign and domestic components... Does this mean that these are the PAO German oils?
They also do not say 'not for sale outside of north america' like the others do...

Sure would be nice to have some good castrol products again.

Do those PAO oils made in germany state this on the bottle all the time? Is there any other distinguishing info that could make it better known to me?

I think all the US oil fanatics should sit tight, and the new Syntec will make your way. In my opinnion, we in Toronto, were lucky enough to get one of the first batches of the new stuff.

As long as the US stores carry the newly redesigned bottles of Syntec, I see no reason for them to be restricted to Canada only. It's probably just a matter of a month or so.

Also, it's probably here to stay. Especially with the way it's been bought out in most Walmarts here.

BTW- if anyone is ever unsure about whether they're getting the German stuff, it's quite simple. Open the bottle and look inside. The oil smell different and it is GREEN. All other syntecs are still that golden/brownish color.

Paul, I honestly don't think the US is going to get the new 0w30 and here's why. Canada never did get the US made 0w30 once the SL designation came out. The only US made 0w30 we got was SJ and older. Castrol Canada says it is cheaper for them to now bring over the German 0w30 than to make their own (or import the US stuff). My take on that is that for some reason the 0w30 doesn't sell well enough up here, so for smaller batches, they got a better deal from the German Castrol people.

But since the US does have SL formula 0w30 already, and it's the US made stuff, it would make no sense for them to import in the German stuff at this point. They would be taking away business from themselves. So unfortunately the guys in the US will probably never see this oil on their shelves. If they were going to get it, they would've gotten it before Canada.
If you want German Syntec, here is where you might find it. The parts department at a BMW dealer. The "M" series cars need a "special" Castrol oil. I have not read the label, but it comes in a curved silver bottle, unlike the square black bottles of US Syntec.

Also, the BMW brand 5W-30 is made by Castrol, retails for only $3.80US a quart and meets all the ACEA specs that the regular Syntec does not. At that price, it is probably a souped-up group III.
But Patman, don't the bottles say "Made in Germany" for Castorl N.A. which is located in NJ. This is probably where Castrol Can. gets their stuff. You think they 'import' things seperately? Doubt it. I would agree to sit and hang tight...just probably bigger storage and supply of the U.S. 0-30 that still needs to be shipped out before you guys start seeing the new 0-30 whereas Castrol Can. probably ran out of the old 0-30 first.'s good oil, but unless your car recommends the's not a be all-end-all.

And no..the German syntec at the "BMW dealers" is a 10-60 for $12-15/qt...likely unsuitable for the average 'Joe'....the BMW 5-30 is a group 3...not a bad 5-30 if that's the grade you need.
Castrol is one of BP's brands. BP is very big in lubes in Europe, industrial, automotive, marine, etc., but not so in North America. BP's home office in London is probably calling the shots on which product is imported and which is blended locally.

Oops...sorry I stand corrected. The bottles say: "Made In Germany. Imported in Canada by Castrol Canada Ltd."

The last sentence is also found on the other bottles of Syntec. So I still feel it will be some time and it will be available in the U.S. as well.
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