castrol syntec on sale at canadian tire

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Nov 23, 2005
GTA/North Of The Border
hey guys

i was just spinning by a canadian tire store and bought come castrol syntec on sale ,
15 % off which puts it at 6.79 per litre plus tax ,better than 7.99 at regular price,
and yes they have lots of stock even in 5w20,
actually sale starts today and ends jan. 27
all grades by the way are the same price,

so grab yourselves a few litres !
Thanks BlackHonda...

I am also located in the Toronto area, and I am using Amsoil XL 5W20 only for the reason where I can pick it up at $6.00 a quart (6.25 if it was a full liter bottle)... I would like to try/use Mobil1 5W20 for my 01 AccordV6 or even Castrol Syntec, but only if I was able to buy them at the same cost as I can get Amsoil at or even better..

I tried to search ever where, Walmart, CND Tire etc..., and even jobbers like Nappa who carries Mobil1 (only 5w30/10w30) and even their pricing is pretty high at 7.95 per liter is the best I can get it at.. And still CNDTires sale price is still obvious higher then Amsoil street price...

It seems the pricing in CND for Motor Oils seems to be a very control market from the Oil companies...

If anyone in the Toronto area that knows of a place that carries or sells Mobil1 at $6.00 or less (5w20), can you pls share with us where

hey CB900F2
i also have a 3.0 litre v6 (240 hp)
i recommend you try syntec,
but does your motor require 5w20 ,mine does since it is a 2003 year, anyway,
i have tried mobil and i think honda v6 's
love syntec better ,more of a silky ,smoother and less noisy, my motor absolutly purrs with
but do not take my word , if you have to try both , i went thru the process of trying mobil 1,quaker state Q,and castrol syntec,and my mind is made up ,right now syntec is for my car.
let me know if you try syntec
Are you sure 0w30 is included in this sale? Sometimes when CT puts Syntec on sale, they will only include the 5w30, 10w30 and 5w50 in their sale price. But then other times they'll include everything, including the 0w30 and 5w40.
GC 0W30 is indeed included in the sale, I can confirm as I checked my local CT store. But all they have left now is GC "Gold" and not GC "Green", at least in my area.

I am stocked up with GC "Green" so I am O.K. for another, at least, 2 years.
Yup, 0W30 on sale, however I too cleaned out the green and bought a few golds. I'm going to swap them for my uncle's greens-he'll never know. I shouldn't have told him about this stuff and maybe the Canadian Tires here would have more stock. Beware of the 0W30 in the old bottle, I think it's a 1990's date and might not have newer specs.
I don't think you'll find any of the very old 0w30 at Canadian Tire, because they didn't start stocking this oil until long after they stopped making the older version of it. I've never ever seen Canadian Tire sell the old US version of Syntec 0w30, I've only ever seen GC there.
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