Castrol Syntec GTX - Shelf Life / Expire / Expiration

Sunnyvale, CA
So, I always wondered if Castrol Syntec (mainly GC) ever expired. I just called Castrol USA and spoke to Carol (didn't get a last name). Their official paraphrased answer was,
"Castrol oils have no expiration date. However, we recommend using the oil within 5 years of the date printed on the bottom of the bottle. This applies for both Syntec and GTX oils." Carol 1-800-462-0835 Option 4
I also found this similar answer on another forum:
"Unfortunately, the shelf life of Castrol Syntec 5w-50 is 5 years, so we would not recommend using the product." Thank you for contacting Castrol, The Technology Leader! Andrea Roche Castrol Consumer Relations 1-800-462-0835 [email protected]
Original post can be found here. Just wanted to share [Cheers!]