Castrol Syntec 5W40

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Sep 20, 2003
AB, Canada
Napa Auto in Calgary , Canada now stocks Castrol Syntec 5W40, Made in Belgium. The price is $ 9.03 per liter. GC is $ 6.66 a liter, a fairly big difference. Is it worth it...?
Syntec 5W-40 would be a better oil to use in a vehicle with a lot of miles/kilometers and having an oil consumption problem. For a vehicle that is in good mechanical condition and not consuming too much oil I would use the German Syntec 0W-30. I believe that both are ACEA A3/B3/B4 oils. [ January 13, 2004, 01:21 AM: Message edited by: Sin City ]
They are the same price here, Geeman, $4.89 USD a quart. At $6.66, is GC the Devil's Brew? Nice HT/HS on the Belgium stuff, 4.5. I have both here and use GC for oct-april and then the Belgium 5w-40 for Summer.
Is the Castrol 5w-40 made in Belgium, a Group III, IV, V? (or some combination) I've looked through some other threads and nobody really seemed to know the difinitive answer. Can someone please clarify if this oil is a Group III or not? [I dont know]
TSoA. Where do you get the Castrol 5w40 in the U.S. I would love to get it for my BMW. I found out the Volkswagon dealer has it for over $11.00 cdn. [Thumbs Down!] I live right on the CDN. [Canada] U.S. border [Patriot] I can scoot on over and pick some up [Big Grin]
It would be cheaper for you to simply drive to Oakville and buy it (I'm assuming you live near the Niagara Falls border, and not the Windsor/Detroit border). There is a place called Peninsula Imports which is right off the QEW (near Trafalgar) that sells 5w40 Syntec for $8 per quart. They are right beside Budd's BMW. You can see the place from the QEW actually, they are on the south side.
Thanks Patman [HAIL 2 U!] Is that $8.00 per litre or is it a U.S. quart? Is that PAO synthetic like the 0w30 Syntec? What do you think of the oil Patman? Would you buy it? [Big Grin] P.S. I do live in Niagara Falls. [Cheers!]
I'm honestly not sure if it's sold in quarts or liters. It was Dr.T who spotted this stuff there so hopefully he'll visit this thread. I really don't know whether or not this stuff is PAO/ester or group 3, but if I couldn't get 0w30 GC, I'd consider running this stuff in my Firebird. PS-I love Niagara Falls, my wife and I had our honeymoon there (in March 2000) She even let me sneak across the border to pick up a couple of AC Delco Ultraguard Gold oil filters too. I knew right then that the marriage was going to be a success! [Big Grin] [ January 13, 2004, 05:51 PM: Message edited by: Patman ]
Wow! What a woman you got there Patman. I wish my wife was like that. [Big Grin] I bet you had your mind on those filters all the time. [LOL!] [Cheers!]
Originally posted by Finklejag: $8.00 a quart for it is high. The VW dealers sell it for $6.79 retail.
This is $8 Canadian though, which is around $6 US.
Well I sent an e-mail off to Castrol and never got a response, so I called Castrol up and asked them if 5w-40 was a Group 3 oil. I spoke with a nice woman, but I'm not sure if she really knew if it was Group 3. She said Castrol products use a hydroisomerized process (hydrocracked) and that it was superior to PAO basestocks (Hey what about GC? [Big Grin] ). I specifically asked if 5w-40 contained any PAO or Ester basestock, and she said she didn't know. So back to square one I guess.
Here's a tantalizing tidbit from the Syntec Q&A page:
Question: How does SYNTEC bond to engine parts? Answer: SYNTEC's unique chemical esters bond to engine parts. A thin oxide coating exists on the surface of metal components that can develop a positive charge due to electron localization. SYNTEC's unique chemical esters are designed to take advantage of this effect. The attraction between the positive charge of the engine surface and the esters that have a negative charge creates a layer of ester component that is attracted and held to the surface of the metal. In effect, a layer of lubricant becomes affixed to the engine surface creating a long-lasting protective film.
I'm bumping this. One of the questions in the older posts still needs to be answered. Is the Group III pseudosynth, or real PAO/Ester? It seems that Syntec can go either way. I, for one and I'm sure there are other, would like to know.
Well I went through some old threads and I found something interesting. I think the Castrol Syntec 5w-40 (Made in Belgium) is indeed a PAO/Ester Look here
Originally posted by Les: CASTROL NORTH AMERICA INC. CONSUMER MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET SECTION I: IDENTITY Product/Material Name: Castrol Syntec Full Synthetic SAE 5W-40 Motor Oil Chemical Name: Mixture Chemical Family/Classification: Synthetic hydrocarbon INGREDIENTS - CHEMICAL/COMMON NAME EXPOSURE LIMITS - TLV LD50 LC50 % Synthetic hydrocarbons and neutral oils which may contain one or more of the following: CASRN 68037-01-4, 64742-54-7, 64742-65-0, 68649-12-7, 64741-88-4, 72623-87-1, 92062-09- 4 TWA: 5 mg/m3 Suggested Oral, rat: > 5 g/kg. ND 70-100 Multi-functional additive mixture composed of organo-metallic compounds, typically containing zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate, calcium salts of alkylated phenol sulfides, magnesium sulphonate, alkylated diphenyl amines, and other proprietary.ingredients CASRN NA, Mixture ND ND ND 15-30 SECTION VI: PHYSICAL/CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS Boiling Point: ND Specific Gravity (Water=1): 0.85 Vapor Pressure mm.Hg. @ 25C: ND Vapor Density Air=1: ND Percent Volatiles: Negligible Evaporation RateBuAc=1: < 0.1 Solubility in Water: Negligible Freezing Point: -22F to -40F -30C to -40C pH-Value: NA Viscosity @ 100C, cSt.: 12.8 typ. Odor Threshold: NA Coefficient of Water/Oil Distribution: ND Appearance, Odor & Physical State: Clear, amber liquid; mild petroleum odor Flash Point COC: 437F 225C min. Fire Point COC: > 450F 232C min. Section 313 Toxic Release Inventory Chemical/Category: Zinc compounds, 2.5% wt. max.
Originally posted by G-Man II Well, those are PAO CAS#s for sure. I'd say this rules out PetroCanada. Where did you get the MSDS? I've never been able to find a source for Castrol's US oils on the web.
Originally posted by Les G-Man II I work for BP. They own Castrol now.
Originally posted by eldawg4100: so, can you say if its a PAO/ester oil or a group III, and if it has moly? Reply originally posted by G-Man II If the MSDS that was posted is for this oil, then it is a PAO/ester based oil. As for moly, I can't tell from the MSDS.
Maybe Castrol is getting the message that there are customers that know the difference between groups III and IV. I would be a little surprised if someone in the company doesn't read this forum.
I think we might have another "German Castrol (GC)" on our hands. Except it's "Belgium Castrol (BC)"! [Cheers!]  -
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