Castrol Syntec 5W20, 4713 m, 06 Lincoln Mark LT

Southern Illinois
This is my latest run using Castrol Syntec (SM version) on my 2006 Lincoln Mark LT (Lincoln version of an F-150) during the past 7 months. Previous run was Valvoline Synpower. Oil was changed to Quaker State U.D. 0W20. Comments are welcome and appreciated. Comments from Blackstone Labs were as follows: We were hoping for lower wear metals, and that's what we found-sort of. Iron improved nicely and the other wear metals essentially held steady. Iron typically tracks with time on the oil, so it's certainly unusual to see it lower after a longer run, but it's nothing to complain about. All in all, this engine appears to be in great shape at 74868 miles. No fuel or coolant was present and air and oil filtration couldn't be much better. The TBN was strong at 2.6 showing plenty of active additive, less than 1.0 is considered a low reading. Try 7,000 miles on the next oil.
Miles on Oil: 4713      2773
Miles on Unit:74868     70155
Sample Date: 10/17/2011 03/11/2011
Make up oil: 0.0        0.0

Aluminum     2          2
Chromium     1          3
Iron         10         16
Copper       2          2
Lead         0          0
Tin          3          0
Molybdenum   71         13
Nickel       0          0
Manganese    0          0
Silver       0          0
Titanium     1          0
Potassium    2          0
Boron        5          8
Silicon      12         8
Sodium       61         299
Calcium      1858       1899
Magnesium    9          10
Phosphorus   570        694
Zinc         661        820
Barium       0          0

SUS Viscosity @ 210     55.7      53.6
cST Viscosity @ 100     8.97      8.37
Flashpoint              415       410
Fuel                    <0.5      <0.5
Antifreeze              0         0
Water                   0         0
Insolubles              0.2       0.4
TBN                     2.6       4.1
Merritt Island FL, USA
Why the short run on the Synpower? Did you have work done? Either way the Syntec did much better as is obvious in this UOA. Pretty disappointing showing for the Synpower, especially if there was no real reason you drained it so soon. Maybe you can expand on that. If not I would never pay the money that Valvoline is asking for their Syn. Great UOA BTW! Thanks for posting
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Southern Illinois
The Synpower was changed out early due to condensation on the oil filler cap this past winter. My son's F-150 and mine both were filled with brownish stuff on the filler cap. So we changed it out to see if anything was wrong with our engines. Both vehicles had 8+ mile runs to get them up to full temp every time, so no short runs were involved. We have now heard that it is not uncommon for these vehicles to do that. But like you mentioned, I will not use Synpower after that previous analysis.
It just proves that the Lincoln (Ford) Engines are getting better and better! My Goodness, I really Love LINCOLNS AND CADDYS... I wonder how the FULL synthetic Motorcraft or the Kendall Full Synthetic equivalent would have done. Nice to see a post on an American car for a change.