Castrol SLX 0W20

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I did a search for Castrol SLX 0W20 in the Car and Truck Gas Engine Oil Forum and got no I went for it...from the web page I linked to in my post you'd think it was new what with all the animated celebration!!!

Hope I didn't waste disk space!!!

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Hi guys,

I was just thinking. Will customs come down on you really hard if you went to Europe (say on vacation or business trip or something) and brought back a case of this SLX 0w20 or even the Castrol R? I wonder what the reaction would be? Just wondering out loud - slow day at the office today.
Only if the oil has something illegal inside it. You have so many dollars of free import.

I suspect the airlines would LOVE you for trying to bring motor oil back from Europe...but I certainly respect and understand your intentions...imagine how I felt living in Europe and seeing all the oils we only read about here but not being able (from a practical perspective) to bring them home...(does our interest make us "tribophiles?")...I'd love to set up single point of supply wherein if an oil was available somewhere in the world that someone SOMEWHERE ELSE in the world wanted to try, I could provide it...probably not practical, but fun to contemplate...

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Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...and you hadn't yet even seen a bottle of M1 0W20, Castrol has debuted a 0W20 version of SLX
"Castrol Formula SLX mit sensationeller-Viskosität"

...OK I "stacked" the intro...will WE ever see it...who knows...I hope so
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