castrol mix

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I'd take mine straight up. [LOL!] Why fool around with a synthetic 5W-20? Voa's are limited. Many "weak" looking oils shine. I bet Syntec may be one. I would not mix anything with it. [SPAZ!]
Look at the voa's for Conoco Hydroclear (Motorcraft) 5W-20. Nothing much shows, but performance is excellent. Looking at "traditional" additives don't mean spit now. The good stuff doesn't show.
Originally posted by crimsontide: i have an 03 ford f150, 5.4l......screwed due to warranty
How does that screw you?? I'm sure you are a skeptic, but these will go forever on the thin Motorcraft juice. Our Navigator has 125K and runs like new on it. No consumption.
I read the good UOA's about 5w-20 oil in the Ford ohc motors but how well do you think it works in the 3.8 pushrod Ford v6 or other pushrod motors.
I like esters, but I really think you ought to leave the original chemistry alone. Maybe one of our chemists will be able to give you a more technical response.
My recommendation is to just put the 5W-20 in it, per Mfr's specification, and then simply enjoy driving your nice truck!
Maybe a teaspoon of vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon. [Big Grin] Seriously, though - does it need anything added to it? I'd dump in the Syntec 5w-20 and enjoy. MR
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