Castrol Magnatec..vs..Pennzoil Synthetic

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Jul 2, 2003
New Zealand
I would appreciate some of your thoughts...I have a 2003 2.7 V6 done 12500 kilometres and at present I am using Pennzoil "Full" synthetic 10w/30 with no problems or oil usage. However I have read here that some you guys in USA would like to get your hands on Castrol Magnatec 10w/40 with UMA [unique molecular attraction]. It is available everywhere downunder in New Zealand and my question is...given the choice would you stay with Pennzoil or switch to Magnatec semi-synthetic???..The main reason I use synthetic oil is because the Hyundai V6 engine revs to about 1600 rpm on cold start-up...The difference in cost is minimal....Thanks...Rugbykiwi
A full synthetic 10W-30 even if the base oil is mostly group III should still flow much better when your engine is cold than a synthetic blend 10W-40. Since you are not having a problem with oil consuption then I would suggest staying with the Synthetic Pennzoil 10W-30. If you want a thicker oil then you may want to consider any xxW-30 oil that has the European ACEA A3 rating. An ACEA A3 rated oil will have a high temperature high shear viscosity cSt of >3.5 and should also be thicker at 100 C.

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as one Kiwi to another ( ex. Dunedin )- why not use Castrol R 10w-60? This oil works well in the older ex. Mitsubishi 3ltr V6 with roller cams

Magnatec is a lost cause really - a halfway house and not sold with great gusto elsewhere

Or use another synthetic brand 0w-40?

All Blacks? or South Africans? or Aussies?
May the best win!

Thanks for your replies, I was under the impression that Magnatec was the greatest thing since the All Blacks after reading a couple of threads here, one in particular who said " boy I wish we could get this stuff in US". I really thought I was going to miss the boat. I'll stick with what is working for me now...Pennzoil....Rugbykiwi.
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