Castrol Magnatec vs Pennzoil Platinum

Dec 9, 2007
Owego, New York
Both oils are good oils.
From the little research I have done on it, Magnatec seems to be between regular Pennzoil Platinum and Platinum Ultra.
I have used some of the older 10w-30 Magnatec blend in my brother in laws F150, did not notice any real difference between it an other oils (but have never noticed any difference between oils in any vehicles).
As mentioned, there are lots of good UOA's with it on Ford Ecoboost engines, and others say it quiets noisy engines of other makes.

I still have 16 qts of 0w-20 and 5w-20 Magnatec from the AAP clearance a few years ago that I will eventually get around to using.
I tried a good portion of oils, Mobil 1, Pennz Plat, QSUD, Motorcraft blend, and Schaeffers. The list isn't all inclusive. My fav is Magnatec. Nothing I've used is as smooth or as quiet. I have 0W-20 in my 2019 Murano, and the wife's 2012 Mazda 3. Tomorrow my wife will pick up her 2018 Rogue Midnight Edition. Magnatec will be going into that at the first change. When you subscribe on Amazon, it's less than $17 for a five quart jug. Real tough to be beat.
Jan 25, 2018
South Carolina
@aquariuscsm as others have noted both these oils perform well. I have been switching back and forth between magnatec and Pennzoil for a few years and can't really tell a difference. The best choice is the one that costs less at your local walmart.

If you use brickseek you might find an odd walmart that has magnatec at $5 for a 5 qt jug. My local store had 8 jugs at this price until I cleared the shelf!
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