Castrol GTX or Valvoline or Pennzoil?

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Apr 20, 2004
NB, Canada
Hi I was wondering about these three oils. I don't wan't to go synthetic and where I live these three oils are the most easy to get. I own a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport with a 4.0 engine. I previously owned a 1993 Geo Metro and always ran Castrol GTX. The engine had 233,000 KM when I sold it and it ran strong. (for a 1.3litre) Anyway I would really appreciate some input on these brands. Actually Valvoline and Castrol would be the easiest for me to purchase. (I live in NB, Canada)
Opinion is not great on Valvoline due to weaker additive packagae. However I used it for the first 130k of my car which now has 210k miles on it without any engine issues.

Castrol GTX is well respected but for some reason Pennzoil seems better respected at this site. I would go with Castrol or Pennzoil.
I'd be more inclined to go with the Pennzoil as its additives are almost untouchable for a dino oil.
Shifty123, you asked about three very common brands which are often discussed on this site.

Doing some browsing and/or searching to find the most commonly held opinions on these.

Also search using "Jeep" and/or "4.0" in the Used Oil Analysis sub-section of this form for test results and discussion on oils for this particular motor.

--- Bror Jace

Also being from Canada, if there is a esso bulk dealer around they sell a qaulity dino and synthetic oils for very resonable prices. check out the XD-3 line of dino oil, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Going to try the XD-3 15W-40 this week in my Ram 5.2 L as a matter of fact. Will report back.
For you Pennzoil lovers out there...
This Sunday sale paper for PepBoys shows a coupon for Pennzoil conventional..
(website shows it too)
$1.39 per qt
$6 mail-in rebate for a case
they send you a $5 Shell gas card with a case purchase also
That's about $.52 per qt..

not bad huh?

I normally use Chevron/Havoline but I could give it a try-----I've gone ugly early before....
Just kidding, nothing wrong with Pennzoil far as I'm concerned.

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My family, and I, have used Castrol with exceptional results. We have been using the High Mileage oil for a while now, and they seem to work well. However, we still believe in Mobil-1, for our synthetic use. But we would strongly recommend Castrol, even over Pennzoil. And if you were able to get that higher mileage from a Geo 1.3L with Castrol, it must be working well...with your driving habits and climate. Good luck with your decision!
If I was to choose between the three I would have chosen Pennzoil. Here are my reasons: good additive package Boron around 100 ppm and Molly 70-80 ppm that's comparable to M1's Boron/Molly content, it has a vey low pour point of -42°C !!! for 5W-30 {kinda important spec for those who live in New Brunswick eh?} that's almost as low as some wanna be synthetics. According to UOA's posted here it also shears less than other oils, gives good wear numbers and it is a group II+ IMHO this is as good as dino oils get. And since next best thing Havoline/Chevron ain't quite available in Canada I would go with that (bought 5 4L jugs on sale $5.94 even though I use synthetics myself)
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