Castrol GTX Magnatec

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Jan 22, 2003
Kemah, TX
Looks like we need to go to Australia or Europe and get some of this Castrol Magnatec. Read what I found on some Castrol site: ------------------------------------- Castrol GTX Magnatec, which most people have heard of, is a fluid which gives tremendously low levels of wear, like, unbelievably low levels of wear. In fact it gives such low wear that it’s not possible to measure the amount of wear it gives using normal techniques. Normally, you run these things and you get a micrometer or a fancy ruler of some description and you say, yes there’s been so many microns of wear. With the GTX Magnatec type of formulation, you can’t measure it. PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS American Petroleum Institute (API) Service Classification: Petrol: SJ (SH and superseded classifications) Diesel: CF Association des Constructeurs Europeens d’Automobiles (ACEA): Petrol: A3 Diesel: B3 The ACEA specifications are defined as oils that are stay-in-grade for use in high performance gasoline (A3) and diesel (B3) engines capable of extended oil drain intervals and for use in severe operating conditions (as defined by the engine manufacturer). Motor Manufacturers: Daimler Chrysler 229.1 Rover RES.OL.22.G-4/PD-2 TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS 10W-40 SAE VISCOSITY Grade KV @ 1000C (cSt) 14.7 KV @ 400C (cSt) 97 cP @ -200C max 3500 Viscosity Index 161 Pour Point (0C) -24 TBN 10 API Service Rating SJ/CF FEATURES & BENEFITS Every car engine type can experience the benefits of using unique, revolutionary CASTROL GTX MAGNATEC including: -Dramatically reduced engine wear at start up and warm up, helping to extend the life of the engine. -Instant protection from the moment you turn the key. -Improved engine cleanliness through excellent detergency chemistry. -Excellent oil consumption control. -Low viscosity formulation for increased fuel efficiency. -Maintains performance and viscosity throughout the service period. -Compatible with other mineral and synthetic engine oils?. * It is important to note that the superior wear protection offered by CASTROL GTX MAGNATEC will be reduced if mixed with other engine oils. --------------------------------- Pour point is only -26 but other than that what do you think about no measurable wear claim? They were able to demonstrate with some rig they had only 10 nanometres an hour of wear which was 1/10th the wear of conventional oils. Les
One of our Australian or European readers of this board needs to try some of this stuff out and do a UOA for us!
There is nothing special about Magnatec oils, they come in 3 varieties: GTX 5W-40, GTX 10W-40 and GTD 10W-40, all hydrocracked Group III base with some PAO and esters blended in. Most information on these oils talks about how Magnatec reduces cold start up wear by using "special ester" that coats engine parts even when cold. Castrol marketing calls it Unique Molecular Attraction. IMO it's the same technology that we see here in Syntec. My brother used Magnatec 5W-40 in his 1.8T Passat and is happy that he switched to M1 5W-50, engine is quieter and there is absolutely no sweating around the seals (this probably because of 50 weight).
Yeah, I think there are just less marketing rules impossed by gov't agencies so they just go hog wild with their claims.
I've used it once in each of my vehicles, and then moved on. Was using it in a friend's car, until she did a 25,000 km interval on it (forgot that it needed servicing). It didn't look too bad (I didn't know of this site, as I would have loved to send a sample of it away knowing what I know now). As she's got a habit of driving past service intervals, she's running Delvac MX 15W-40 at present, and prolly Delo 400 next change.
Magnatec here is a 10W40 only (initial release was 5W40). Big advertising and big claims. 'Unique Molecular Attraction' is its claim to fame. KV @ 100c 14.6, @ 40c 105, VI 142, PP < -35c, TBN 8.2, cP @ -25C max 7000.
Originally posted by sprintman: Magnatec here is a 10W40 only (initial release was 5W40). Big advertising and big claims. 'Unique Molecular Attraction' is its claim to fame. KV @ 100c 14.6, @ 40c 105, VI 142, PP < -35c, TBN 8.2, cP @ -25C max 7000.
sprintman, Interesting...I have a decal Castrol sent me and it says "Unique Molecular Bonding...Castrol Syntec FSX Protects in Ways Other Oils Can't...Synthetic Motor Oil"...I'm guessing the decal is circa 1994.
Exactly, I thought that the Magnatec is the exact same stuff as Syntec ie. Group III. Can someone compare the specs with Syntec 10-40 (as I don't have them readily available this am). The only difference is that unlike Europe, we can't get the higher end products Castrol products here (unless you go to BMW dealership, etc). Maybe the demand would too many people would buy a $20/qt. bottle at the neighborly Wal-Mart? Most people I see are looking to see which dino is on sale for under $1.99/qt. and base their decision on this.
Originally posted by Dr. T: F1Crazy, you can get M-1 5-50 in TN???
I wish I could! [Frown] My brother works for City Bank in Europe and this is how he gets the good stuff.
It's cheap rubbish imo. It's seems to be the oil of choice at Oz Subaru dealers, and it made an aweful racket in the engine of my Outback before it was changed.
Originally posted by Dr. T: Exactly, I thought that the Magnatec is the exact same stuff as Syntec ie. Group III.
As far as I know, and from what I've heard, it's simply "Group 2 with a touch of esters". I'll leave it up to others to decide if that makes it a semi synth [Wink] It also sells for about A$25 for 5 litres, about the same as most top grade mineral oils.
Originally posted by XRHP6 in another thread on Castrol US Startup; "In Aus we have Castrol Magnatec, 10w-40. Speaking to Castrol Tech department yesterday they tell me Base oil is group 2 with some ester. Possibly similar spec in US."
BTW, I was in K Mart Penrith the other day and was stunned to see M1 5w-50 @ $67/5 litres ! Makes my D1 $183/20 litres look like a huge bargain. [Big Grin]
I read somewhere that in the U.S. Magnatec is marketed as GTX Start Up
Actually that makes sense. It probably is. Oh well. [Embarrassed]
Hey Losiho I didn't know you had an Outback! Yes I had a Sube dealer oil change recently (laziness) and 10W40 was the oil. I asked for the optional M1 10W30 but they 'forgot'. Redline in the diff, g'box, and p/s of course.
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