Castrol GTX dino or Pennzoil dino????

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Sep 17, 2002
Hey Guys, I know this is a loaded question that will get many opinions but I figured I would ask. I have a 1995 Nissan Hardbody V6 4x4 with 79000 miles on it and have used Castrol GTX 5w30 when cold outside and 10w30 when warm,but for the lasy year or so I switched to Pennzoil 5w30 and 10w30. I know that both of these oils have a great reputation, but which is really the best overall choice? Thanks
I like Pennzoil personally. I think they and Chevron are making the best dino oil right now based on UOA's here. Motorcraft is another good choice. [Smile]
Use whichever bottle or jug you find the most attractive. [LOL!] Really, both are excellent and at the same pricing. There is nothing to choose from imho.
What made you switch in the first place? If you were happy using Castrol GTX and knew it was a good oil, there had to be some reason why you started to use Pennzoil. Maybe that will help with your decision. [I dont know] [ February 01, 2004, 02:42 PM: Message edited by: ZiTS ]
My personal preference, and based upon the UOA's I have seen, Pennzoil! I have the tech data sheets for Castrol and even in the numbers there, Pennzoil wins out. Not saying you would go wrong with Castrol, but since you asked, Pennzoil [Wink] Good Day, Steven
Yeah ZITS, has it. Why the change to begin with? The pretty yellow jugs maybe? I like green myself. [Big Grin] Was there something you didn't like?? Consumption?? Seriously, if one makes your engine seem a little quieter or smoother, that would be my reason and not spec. sheets. or voa's. GTX [Happy]
Zits I must admit they are both great dino oils.If I had to pick another dino oil it would be Castrol GTX or Chevron.I remember other members leaned toward Pennzoil based on the numbers. I'm not an expert, just looking for the best dino oil for my truck.
I ran across some tests on the internet with Castrol GTX, Pennzoil, etc. testing different oil's capabilites with Amsoil. The testing was done with 10w-30 varieties, but in so many cases, GTX and PZ were very close. Verdict? Use either one! I searched for "HTHS Mobil 1 Amsoil" on google... Pennzoil is a bit cheaper in the 5qt jugs than GTX. For a few more dollars, why not try Syntec Blend or HM? For a few less dollars, Chevron/Havoline is a solid choice. All of these have posted quite solid UOA's on this site. [Cheers!]
Castrol GTX seems to be the only N.A. retail brand that lists ACEA ratings. Their 5W-30 and 10W-30 are ACEA A1 rated.
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