Castrol GTX additives???

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Dec 27, 2003
After searching this site for the best mineral oil to run my new ChevyZZ4Small Block on,I finally decided on plain Castrol GTX 10W30. Bear in mind this engine has only ever run on a dyno over in the US but i am told is fully broken in. I want to make sure that I also go easy for a few hundred miles to ensure the engine is run in properly. Many people say to use a straight 30 weight to bed everything in right. I know that i should use a non synthetic oil for the first few thousand miles and i also know not to run this new engine in with an oil that has a load of "slippery"additives. On the GTX bottle it says 33%less engine wear than competitors oil.Does this mean it has these additives or will i be ok to carry on and use it? thanks for your help guys PM
Originally posted by Virtuoso: Pour some GTX in and start her up!
I agree. Go for it. GTX is good stuff. [Big Grin] [Big Grin] 33% ???, that's baloney. They would get sued for making such a claim here. It has an ordinary additive package.
no worries about it thinning.I'll be changing it every 3000 miles Thanks guys PM
I have used a few different oils in the commuter car, which is a 94 Corsica 2.2L with typical GM piston slap/knock. The best it has sounded is with the Castrol GTX and Castrol High Mileage. My parents have been using the Castrol Syntec Blend and HM oils for a while now. They are very happy...engines sound good, great oil pressure, etc. I would recommend Castrol GTX! Good luck with your vehicle!!
Castrol GTX 10w30 is very good oil, particularly at the short intervals you will run. I would never run a straight 30 in a modern engine, I would think the start-up wear would be far greater than any possible benefits.
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