Castrol GTX 10W-40

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Oct 11, 2002
Pullman WA
Does anyone use this stuff? I got some for free from a relative. I know it will shear back to a 30wt fast (under 3,000 miles) I did a search and only found a couple of hits on the castrol 10w-40 I was just wondering if anyone has used it/like it. Thanks
I think it's alright, I've used it in 4 different cars in the past. Seems to be on the thicker side of 10w40... what kind of engine are you putting it in?
Originally posted by MustangGT: Does anyone use this stuff?
I use this GTX 10w-40 stuff, have been using it for 15-20 years, no complains, plenty of praise for Castrol. I put in a UOA for Castrol GTX 10w-40 about 2 months ago. Search "Suzuki Sidekick.... 3,300 miles OCI" It performs pretty well under stress. I have run engines after catastrophic cooling system failure, 'till all the GTX boiled off. No shoulder on that highway. Engine still A-OK after all that. No ring sticking too, despite what many people say about "too much V.I. improver" in 10w-40 oils. Your GTX 10w-40 will be good for 4,000 miles OCI. You will not have any problems with Castrol GTX.
Thanks, the 10W-40 is going in an old 87 Mazda pickup with 150,000+ miles, I think it's what they recomended from the factory anyways back then.
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