Castrol GTX 10w-30

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Jun 6, 2003
Petersburg, West Virginia
I am using gtx 10w-30 in my wifes saturn L-300 3.0 liter 24 valve V-6. Seems this motor is a little hard on oil- Used amsoil for a six month run and experienced some shearing back to 20 weight, though my wife makes very short trips in both winter and summer. Nothing against amsoil just wanted to try a conventional oil with a decent reputation. I will be doing UOA in a few weeks due to the severe nature of the cars use. Any thoughts on castrol gtx. I am trying to find a good oil with good protecton at the best price. My wife thinks I have a sickness with this motor oil thing- oh well I enjoy every minute. This is a great forum.
Yup you're sick-congratulations. I think you have a good plan. I'm surprised the Amsoil sheared back. What grade were you using and how many miles??
Hey Al- I was using 5w-30 and had only 1500 miles on the oil when UOA was done by oil analyzers. I called them and they said even that it was a high 20 weight it would be OK. I did not feel good about the situation but left the oil in for another three months then changed. The next oil was mobil 5w-30 supersyn from december 2002 until April 12 2003. Did no UOA on the mobil should have, winter was very cold and the mileage was low for the drain interval. The cost of synthetics really hurts and I not sure they benefit the Saturn because of the short trips and frequent changes that may be needed. The wear numbers from the amsoil were excellent but the shearing? So lets see what happens with the Castrol. Will post results in a while
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