Castrol Formula R become's Castrol Edge.

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Jul 8, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
Here in Aus, Castrol Formular R, all viscositie's are about to leave our shelves and be replaced with Castrol Edge same viscositie's.
Appears old "R" SL rated, new "Edge" SM rated.
New marketing name for old Formula "R" SL, now rated SM and called "Edge". Probably at a higher cost to BOOT.

Still the Tub looks Better.
Interesting name change. I wonder if the forumulations are really any better though, because I've compared the Formula R and Edge 5W30 tech sheets and the specifications are identical.
Well I was hoping to add something more but after looking at stuff it appears that your castrol edge is the same as the castrol edge racing that you can find on the uk castrol site. Castrol edge 0w30 on the uk site is the same as GC but that has no real help any here becuase it is not classified as a racing oil over on the uk site.
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