Castrol Edge Ow20 Advanced Full Syn $23.75 - AMZN

Jan 24, 2019
Souderton, PA
Here's a Deal on PP 5w30 + a roll of Scott Towels for $22.81 . I just put this PP in my vehicle on my last O.C. and it runs so much better. It's my new go-to oil.

PP 5w30 at Walmart
Someone on slickdeals mentioned that the system winds up separating the oil and the paper towels, as you might expect. I don't know the exact breakdown but it might make the oil $20 and the towels $3. Just a guess. If you return or cancel the towels, you get that money back and basically are purchasing the oil for this bundle cost minus the towels. Might not be worth the trouble for $3 or so, but I found it interesting.


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Oct 7, 2021
South East USA
Had a recent surprise. Changed to Castrol Edge 0w20 for the first time in our 1.5 GDI engine. On start up the low oil pressure light went on and then cleared itself. Just a very strange thing that I have never seen before. I know it means nothing. Just kind of a surprise when it never happened before. I wanted to change to off the shelf Walmart oils for this car due to the oil dilution and short oci we been doing. Mobil 1 0w30 was going to be my choice but not in stock at the time so I chose the Edge 0w20. The light may have come on because we drained it extra long or cranked it too fast after fill... The Edge does seem to not be turning dark as quick as the other oils I been using. No explanation why. Others went dark pretty fast.
Its a shame about these engines having the oil dilution because it runs so darn good. Gets insane gas mileage and I actually can not tell sometimes when the motor is running its so smooth.