Castrol edge in lawn mower?

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Feb 24, 2014
hey guys..

with winter around the corner, I'm going to give all my power equipment a change of oil before putting it away..

for the past several years, I ran from rotella straight 30 to mobil 1 10w30 and Now, I'm thinking of going to castrol edge 5w30. cause with rotella, is almost $4 an quart but with the edge.. is only $21 for 5 quarts.

would it harm it?

No harm will come! To each his own!
I have only used dino oil in OPE. Even when I was a kid changing the oil in my dad's stuff we only used dino oils(over 50 years)
Virtually any automotive oil is suitable for lawnmowers. Modern oils are formulated to have far better lubrication qualities that oils from thirty or forty years ago.

Can you imagine the quality of oil used in WW1 eara biplane engines and the fact that people trusted it enough to put their lives on the line flying those things? Even the cheapest oil we have today is better than that stuff.

Many here tend to be a bit obsessive regarding their choice of oil. More often than not, brand loyalty and advertising are the significant factors that cause people to recommend their choice of oil for OPE.

When it comes right down to it, the machine doesn't care and in most cases, given even minimal maintenance, will last forever running on the cheapest oil on the shelf. Anything better is more for peace of mind than necessity.

I'm probably somewhat guilty of that. I do like reasonably priced brand name oils such as Rotella. However, "reasonably priced" is the active ingredient in that formula. If I can get synthetic oil for the same price or less, I'd probably buy it. However, there's no way I'd pay more for it.

It's all a matter of basic economics and value.
They run fine on everything you mentioned including SAE 30, 10w30 synthetic or mineral or 5w30 synthetic. You can even use 5w30 mineral oil but watch consumption and probably not a good idea for high heat high load generators.

My favorite oil for OPE calling for sae 30 is Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W30 or Pennzoil Ultra 10w30. Amsoil small engine oil is really nice too but not at Walmart.
I like the Castrol Edge 0w-30 (German Castrol). That would be good but if you can find cheaper it won't hurt. Nothing in harm here.
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