Castrol Edge 0w40

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Yes, i have just finished 1 course of Auto-Rx about 500k's ago. Sitting at just over 200,000kilomtres. Currently running Synpower 10W50. I haven't run anything less than a 15W40 for 2 years, so trying to take the step back down to see what results it bears. I do alot of k's, maybe 30,000k's plus a year. Probably the use of LPG has influenced alot of my decisions in oil use. My engine has no leaks that i know off from below. Rocker cover gaskets recently changed....
My question of Castrol Edge 0W40 is why only TBN of 10.2? When M1 5W50, 15W50, 0W40 are all above 11? HTHS is not a problem, at least, it is the same as M1 0W40. I am guessing it will shear similarly as M1 0W40. You can search through the UOA here to get some ideas. However, with $50 price special which M1 0W40 never do, Edge is officially half the price of M1 0W40 and that's pretty attractive.
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Then you should use an LPG specific oil. Most companies have one.
Yeah but they are all poorly made, being a Semi Synth with GRoup 1 or full group 1. Best deals are in the diesel range, but many say not necessary for gas specific, still in the search for answers. Shouldnt additives in a petrol engine oil protect from high temps and nitration anyway ???
BP is no longer, unless you mean Castrol i think they still do have a LPG oil, Penrite and Havoline still have, but Group 1. THe rest dont phased them out, renaming them after the common ones like Super 1000 15W40 etc. Which makes me think they are all the same.
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Grrrr, see this is the same with 10W60 i am sure that these oils are only a Group 3 ! Thats why i never used them as too expensive for it (Group 3). Doug Hillary would be able to confirm this for us...... Also why would Castrol now use PAO when they were the fighters for the Group 3 to be called Synthetic. virginoil, i was 100% sure i had seen those msds before showing it to be group 3, ages ago i used to direct people to it who thought that it was a real Synth, but last few threads stated otherwise. Unless they have recently changed.......
Just hold back the gnashing of your teeth, The Castrol Edge 0w40 says it is synthetic the Castrol Edge Sport 10w60 also says its synthetic, it does not say what group they are. I recall when I spoke with Castrol, a couple of years ago they did state the 0w40 and 10w60 were PAO. The Castrol Edge Sport 0w40 was not around at that time. The only one that states its a Group 3 is the new Castrol Edge Sport 0w40.
I always believed the 0W40 in any oils Castrol, Mobil, Penrite etc was PAO as i didnt think a Gp3 could make that viscosity. But the 10W60 like many other 10W50's of other brands can be made from Group 3. The only similar i know that are PAO are Penrite 5W60 and Shell Helix Ultra 10W60, and Mobil 1. 0W's i always thought had to be PAO +.
ok then hehe, i am sure they know what they are selling. Its interesting how so many people use this stuff especially the 10W60 here in Oz at 5000kilo drain intervals. I reckon this is too short for any Group 3 or PAO.
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