Castrol Blend 15W40 a good deal at $1/qt?

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Jan 4, 2004
Subject says it local Meijers is running sales on all of the Castrol products, and they have the price on the Blend 15W40 all the way down to $1/Qt! I had never even noticed it before, and the bottle doesn't give much info as to ratings...I think it was SL and CH-4, but it didn't list manufactuer's standards like most Delo, Delvac, etc. Searching here doesn't really give any info on it either, at least that I could find. Anyone use this stuff? Is it as good as LongLife/Delvac/Delo? Since it is cheaper than even the SuperTech 15W40, it seems like it might be a good deal?
I am not a huge castrol fan but for 1 each that has got to be a smoking deal for a blend.

Probably meet ACAE A1 or even A3 to boot?

We've seen some great UOAs on here with people using 5w30 and 10w30 Syntec Blend, so this stuff probably would perform well too. At $1 it's a hellovabargain!
if I were you, I would buy all the quarts they had. 15w40..u can use that in the summer heat. I wish we had a meijers advanced auto parts the same? when I go to parts america website, they say that u can return parts to any kragen, checker, or advance auto parts for refund. makes me think they are all the same company..just different names in different parts of the country
I just picked up 5 quarts of it at my Meijers. I am going to look at some others. They are discontinueing this weight at in this brand at Meijers!
For a $1 a quart I am going to go buy my Meijers and see if they are doing the same! I like thicker vis oils. They also work well in lawn equipment as well as cars and trucks!
Buck a quart is great, and I thought I did good gettin Syntec Blend for under $2/qt.
I emailed Castrol for info, and they sent me this spec isn't much, but I feel a little more comfortable knowing something about it.

Castrol Syntec Blend
Inspection Data Sheet

Specific Gravity, 60 F (15.5 C) 0.88

Viscosity, cSt @ 40 C 105

Viscosity, cSt @ 100 C 14.3

Viscosity, cP @ -20 C --

Viscosity, cP @ 150 C 4.0

Viscosity Index 139

Flash Point COC, F, (C) 410(210)

Fire Point COC, F, (C) 430(221)

Pour Point (ASTM D97) F, (C) -27(-32)

Sulfated Ash % Wt., 1.0

Zinc, % Wt. 0.11

Phosphorus, % Wt. 0.1

Sulfur, % Wt. 0.5
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