Castrol "Agri" 15w-40

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Nov 21, 2003
lake city sc
has anybody heard of this oil? I saw it advertised in a Agri-supply Store catalog the other day and was wondering if it was just repakaged Castrol or had some special blend package in it? At $6.98/gallon it seemed to be just plain ol' oil. [Confused]
Don't know. If it's an "Ag" application, it might have a slightly higher detergent/dispersant package to take high dirt loads into account? (I'm trying to imagine ag-unique demands placed on oil.) I presume it's similiar -- if not the same -- as other mixed fleet, gas/diesel lubes. The Castrol website on this sub-brand should shed some light on same. As always, if there's an "SL" rating, it's perfectly fine to put in your Ford Mustang and Toyota pick-up as well, depending on weight.
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