Castrol 5w20 or Pennzell 5w20

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Jul 21, 2003
Boston, MA
Castrol states on the bottle and on their web site that their 5w20 oil EXCEEDS Ford WSS-M2C153-H.

Pennzoil does not state anything on their bottle about Ford WSS-M2C153-H but states on their web site that their 5w20 oil MEETS Ford WSS-M2C153-H.

Does this make a difference or am I reading too much into this? I just used the Pennzoil on my 03 four cylinder Honda Accord before I realized this. I plan to do a UOA later.
EXCEEDS does very much sound like a marketing term. If they ran the test one second longer, they have exceeded the test.

I am suspired Pennzoil does not have anything about the test on their bottles. Maybe they printed the labels before they got the results?
Both Ford and Honda have gone on line and said that Pennz. 5W-20 meets their requirements. Lots of us use it and haven't had problems. Being a 20 weight, it is rather "thin" by comparison to others. There have been some UOA's on the 5W-20's and they have held up surprisedly good. I wouldn't run the oil past 4K as it has shown to thin out. But using this oil and changing every 3 to 4K, you should be good to go.
I think the use of the word "exceeds" is more a marketing tool than anything else. Even by "meeting" Ford's specs the oil could still exceed them. "Meeting" just means that it's not less than the required specs. You're fine with the Pennzoil 5W-20, it's a really good oil. I'm looking forward to seeing your UOA.

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