Castrol 10w-60

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Aug 8, 2004
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I had the engine fiddled a bit (ported head, exhaust cam and a few other bits). It's producing 135C which is 275 degrees Fahrenheit (measured in the sump, have an Oil-Water cooler fitted) during operation.

Note that prior to the "mild tuning" temperature was at 135C without Oil-Water cooler.

The Manufacturar recommends 10w-40 Oil but
I have been told to use 10W-60 because of these high temperatures, however I am aso concerned by the thin oil feeds which go up to the cams.

Which can be seen here:

Does thicker oil realy help in such an engine, considering temperatures ? Or can I easily go back to an 0W-40 Oil (which should help oil climb up the thin pipes easier)
Running this heavy oil may be contributing to your high oil temperatures.

I think I'd try a more nomal weight oil and then measure the oil temperature. If it's still excessive look for ways to lower it...

That IS a high temp. I think I would try running M1 5W50 which I think you could get in Luxembourg. You would get improved initial flow and less drag at operating temps. I don't know if jsharp's suggestion that the oil might be aggravating your temp situation is correct, but I definitely agree with him that you need to get the temp to come down.
I agree with pscholte. Give Mobil 1 5W-50 a try. It is my understanding that Mobil 1 5W-50 is very popular in Europe so it should be easy to find.
Castrol, Valvoline and other companies also sell 5W-50 motor oils in Europe that should work very well for your application.
I would like to thank you for your comments.

I had 0W-40 oil previously, there was no Temperature decrease noticable.

It's an 1796CC Variable Valve time running 180bhp, these engines do get warm, some report temperatures as high as 150C on Motorhighways (which is way to high). 135C is considered normal for the VVC engines, and since the manufacturar recommended a 10w-40 (non synt!!) oil

I had a front air/oil cooler fitted but this is a rear engined car which is not supposed to pump over Oil 2meter of pipes Front and then 2 meters back. I feared pressure drop being to high and so I choose to go for an Air/Oil cooler.

For 5w-50, I actually haven't seen any here.

You can find alot of these here :
0w-40 / 10w-40 / 10w-60 / 5w-40

I will try to get my hands on 5w-50 though as quick as possible.

I saw that Amsoil 5w-40 has a Viscosity of 4.2 at 150C, shouldn't that have enough reserves for my engine ? Anybody know where to get Amsoil from here ?
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