Castrol 0W30 NYC area

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Jul 17, 2003
New York
Has anyone seen any autopart stores carry the 0W30. I just checked out R&S out here in Brooklyn and both the Autozone in Brooklyn and the city (off houston street) don't carry it.
Ask at your AZ whether they can order it. Because it is not currently on the shelf does not mean that they can't get it.

You can try YZF150's suggestion but I've been told twice by Autozone personnel, "We take whatever corporate sends us." In other words, it is strictly a "push" not a "pull" system. By the way, Autozone is the only place I have found it (they have it at Wal-Mart in Canada so who knows about later here in the lower 48). My suggestion is to do what I have done, call every Autozone you can and explain in painful detail what it is your looking for (e.g. Red Label, Made in Germany...) to see if they have it. Last night I found it here in C Springs by asking the guy breaking down the weekly Friday delivery to look for it. Sure enough, BURIED in the center of the pallet was a case of the German stuff.
Well, I haven't seen SLX 0W-30 at Wal-Mart in East Meadow (Long Island) but I haven't checked the others.

I've seen SLX 0W-30 at the AutoZones in Flushing, Queens and Bellmore, LI.

Wow, Yahoo! yellow pages lists 7 AutoZones in Brooklyn, NY; I'll bet *one* of them carries it!
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