Carfax Question

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Nov 16, 2011
So me and my wife got into an argument about Carfax. She swears up and down that Carfax shows you history of tickets for the specific vehicle you are looking at. I told her no, that is not what Carfax is for because it details CAR HISTORY and nothing about the previous owners' infractions, since it's not relative to whether or not you should buy that specific vehicle. She drives me CRAZY.
No, I have never seen traffic violations in a Carfax. Actually, a Carfax doesn't always show all collisions or in one case with a vehicle of mine showed a two owner vehicle as a one owner. It all has to deal with how well information was or was not reported in state records for the vehicle.
my personal carfax experience. My last car, 2000 Hyundai Sonata It showed every time it had been titled or registered. It Showed the Front end Collision it was in before i bought it( the reason the rental company sold a 1 yr old/16k mi car) it showed any work done @ a dealership. it did NOT show my 2 fender-benders that were reported to my insurance,and resulted in having both bumpers replaced @ my local mom & pop Body shop.
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She drives me CRAZY.
That's what wives are for.
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