Careers and age

Mar 5, 2015
Juno Beach FL
Got a question for the older folks here. I’m 35 years old. In my late teens and 20s, I was what I’d define as a slight workaholic. I wanted to climb the ladder and I took pride in my work ethic. I’ve always worked since 15. Sometime last year, I think I burned myself out.

I changed jobs to one that is less demanding for a better life balance now that I’m married with a child on the way (arriving here in a few weeks).

Perhaps my priorities are shifting, I’m getting older or both. I no longer feel that passion I used to have. I do my job and check out at the end of the day. My attitude shifted from “I have to get it done at any cost” to “it’s just a job - it can wait.” I honestly don’t feel like I care anymore about excelling in my job. I think part of that stems from putting in a lot of effort above and beyond and it never really paying off like I imagined it would. I feel too young to feel this way - I am a long ways away from retirement. .

What say those who have experience this? Any advice? Is this just a season of life and to be expected?
Best advice I have is that if you are putting in a good days work without over stressing yourself, that is a good outcome you can be proud of. Stuff you didn't get to today can be started tomorrow.

Turn off you work computer when done for the day, don't answer any work calls when done for the day but do respond to any text or voice messages left after work ends first thing the next morning bright and early. Starting the work day a little earlier than most and ending it a little early will help to accomplish these goals. It is doable if you stay strong and do not allow yourself to get stressed over things you likely have little control over. Best of luck.