Care car product storage

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Dec 16, 2012
Oklahoma, USA
Would it be a good idea to store detailing products in the house during winter? I usually have them sitting on a shelf in the garage, which isn't heated. Will freezing temperatures affect the performance of wax, detail spray, etc...? Thanks
I would bring them inside. Last winter, I left a gallon of car wash soap in outside storage all winter long. Come springtime, there was some serious separation going on inside the bottle. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get everything to mix back together completely.
Yeah, I have a pretty old house with a garage that is separate from the house. It gets pretty cold out there. I'll bring them in to be safe...
Originally Posted By: Propflux01
I keep mine inside in my laundry room during the coldest months. They get kinda thick if I don't
Same here. Garages can get cold enough to seperate. While maybe not freezing in there it can get cold enough to seperate car wash fluids.
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