Caravan rust

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Nov 9, 2008
At a family party, and while looking at family vehicles I noticed this in a Caravan, in a rear wheel week. This as bad as I think it is? I was afraid to stick my finger in there, as it's not mine.
Its where the floor meets the wheelwell.Probably not "terminal" but needs to be cleaned up (sandblasted) and patched.Use a 2 part body epoxy to glue it on.
Doesn't look to bad. At least not compared to my old Dodge Prospect I bought while living up north. Down here in the south rust is unheard of, which is odd I like 10 miles away from the largest body of saltwater on the planet.
Me? Not mine, relative who lives a few states away.
It is a BraunAbility Entervan isn't it? There may have been modifications to that area if so. I agree it should be fixed... doubly so if I am right about the conversion, they are pricy...
It is a conversion, but from New England. I have to go corner the owner and let him know. But my MIL says that CT lacks state inspection, so it's not a huge deal. Only emissions here.
Yeah I figured from a huge wheel gap it was a handicap van. Something about the dodges makes them get it done more than any other van. Do they still have rear leaf springs? I think I see one. That would explain the ease of modification, and this might not be structural. Yet since these are pricey and hard to find used, I'd be interested in taking the best care of this.
In Chrysler's defense, they made considerable improvement with corrosion protection by the mid-80s. This included galvanizing all panels, including the deck lids and roof, and not just the fenders and sides. Any alterations after it leaves the factory, and the vehicle loses the factory applied corrosion protection, which cannot be duplicated at any shop.
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