Caravan 3.8 oil change is due

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Mar 14, 2004
My wifes 04 Caravan is due an oil change. It is currently running Mobil 1 10w30 with 4000 miles on it. The van has 6800 miles on it and I was wondering if I should keep with the Mobil 1 10w30 or switch over to the GC 0w30? The GC has been running good so far in my 4.7 Dakota. Thanks in advance...
Why not try a UOA on the current oil, and then do another run of the same oil with another UOA. Then you've got a trend, and can try the GC for comparison via a 3rd UOA. Doesn't seem to me you can compare oil well unless you go 2 or 3 OCIs with the same oil and then change.
My take is that it probably dosen't matter which oil you use, both are very good. I'm not sure what the maximum interval is for your Dodge, but I would probably change it soon since the van had only 2,800 miles on it when you changed to the current oil. I'm not sure a UOA would be of much benefit until the engine is broken in, say at least 10K total miles. Go Cats!!! [Cheers!]
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