Car Show

Feb 16, 2005
Scituate MA
Just driving my bike this morning and in Hull MA there was a fairly big car show. Fun to see all the different cars from old to new. I get a kick out of having a peek
despite not really knowing what I'm looking at. Just guessing, must have been 200 ish cars. How big do the shows get?

I guess the "car" does bring back memories to happy times in your life (when I was younger ;)).

Funny too, everyone has a story and the car is pretty "neutral"...both the car and the people are friendly and eager to talk, not much to argue about. So nice to see everyone getting along!

I hope to one day have one there!
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That’s what I love about the Jeep community, for the most part. They are friendly, helpful, and don’t mind talking. I collected and restored antique garden tractors for a long while. That is also a welcoming group.

It’s great to see people get along.
Here’s a few shots from the Radium car show in Radium, BC last week. People were more than willing to talks cars with anyone.

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