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Jun 12, 2005
North Texas
Would it show that a vehicle is paid off? I can't find my title to my truck and will be going to the dmv for a new one. How do I prove to the dmv that the truck is paid off?
Letter from old finance company saying the loan has be fulfilled for XXX VIN.
I think the dmv knows if the car has a lean on the title. If you previously removed all leans on the title and the title you had (the lost title) was issued only to you, then you should be able to get another one reissued. If the title you had had a lean on it, you have to provide a document from the lien holder that says you satisfied the lien/release the lien. You should check the state dmv site for more information, if you live in texas here's a link
Your state's DMV website should have the answer to your question. I know here in CT you just fill out a form to get another title. If you've never received a title before there's another form to fill out in which you basically swear you're the legal owner and that there are no liens on the car. You're not the first person to be in this situation, there are procedures in place to deal with this sort of thing.
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