Canucks: new Princess Auto in my town!

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Apr 29, 2008
Sudbury, ON, Canada
As posted on another forum:

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Our Princess Auto in Sudbury JUST opened (soft open, anyways) yesterday. Lots of people inside - but little buying going on.

It's a great store, but I'm not sure it will have the volume of sales required to sustain itself. Fantastic place for DIY's, and I sure love their return policy, but people taking up fun "projects", in the middle of a downturn in an economy, are exceedingly rare. Not many people dumping wadloads of cash into a hobby.

Truly sad if it doesn't stick around, because their lifetime warranty on the tools and bits makes it worthwhile.

For my fellow Canadians who have one in their hometown, I noticed a HUGE leaning torwards tools, trailering, and farm equipment. Are all PA's setup the same way?
The one in Ottawa just moved about a year ago to a much larger location about 200 yards from the old one.

They are very, very cheap for tools, and what I like is they sell things 'individually', instead of all in sets. If I'm just missing a 15" wrench from a whole set I have, I can just get that.

On an oil note, they are are the only place I have seen 'Nemco' oils on sale.
Now you'll have something to do each Saturday morning. Never buy anything there at regular price if you can wait two months. Everything goes on sale.

Also, if they say the sale starts monday/tuesday (like every flyer does), you can usually get the sale price the weekend before.

Get on the mailing list for the catalog and flyer. I can never wait to get it!
I saw the new one being built there a few weeks ago. It's super close to a family member's house in Sudbury, so I will be visiting the Princess when I am visiting family. I go to usually hit up Princess auto everytime I go down to Southern Ontario but it's nice to finally have one up north.
I love these stores... We have one in Hamilton and it's always busy and has a huge selection. I like the surplus junk section!
Yep, I figured.

I was looking for a large upright fixed-based compressor (for when I have my own home/garage), it's awesome to know I can buy a CANADIAN-MADE, 2-stage, 80 gallon compressor for a great price!

The surplus section is pretty understocked right now, but it was a great diversion from my usual Canadian Tire visit. Plus, to boot, they have quite a few cute girls working there too.
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