Can't seem to find Motorcraft DINO 5w20 , just Semi-syn???

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Mar 16, 2003
The only version of Motorcraft 5w20 is a synthetic blend. Is this the only 5w20 MC makes or is there a full dino avalible. I need it for my friends F150 Auto RX cleaning. Thank you!
The synthetic blend is the only Motorcraft 5w20 made. There is no "dino" Motorcraft 5w20.
Both Pennz and QS make a dino 5W-20. It held up pretty impressively on my 02 Accord. Just don't let it run much past 3K.
I think this is a GII/GIII blend, and others are as well, although they don't say so on the bottle. I think it should be fine for the AutoRX, as there is no GIV. -T
Originally posted by Chris B.: How long of a drain is the MC 5w20 good for on average?
Given how these oils are built, I'd say they would easily be good for 4000 miles under "severe" conditions, and the full 7500 miles under "ideal" conditions. Of course, doing a UOA is the only way to know for sure how far you can push ANY oil, synthetic or "dino," in your particular car.
It's my bubbys truck and I know he wants to go as far as 10,000 miles. After the ARX cleaning I think he will use Mobil 1 5w30 so he can go longer.
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