Can't Get Vista to See XP Machines on Home Network

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Oct 17, 2005
Highland, NY
Been fighting with this for a few hours. In net, I can't get a new Toshiba laptop with Vista SP1 to "see" two XP SP3 machines on my home network. All 3 have the same "workgroup" name and I can get the XP machines to see the Vista machine. But not the other way around. I want to transfer some files from one of the XP machines to the Vista machine.

I'm stumped. Help!
Well, ability to "see" and ability to share files are different things. I am assuming the machines are pingable, I would try to make a share regardless of the ability to "see them" in a workgroup.
OK, I set up document sharing on the Vista laptop. On one of the XP machines I go to "View workgroup computers" and I see the Vista machine. But when I click on that icon it says I don't have access and network path not found. And I see nothing on the Vista machine that says I can access the XP machines.
Did you open up document sharing for all users of the network without authentication? (very BAD BTW)

If not, you need to do that or pass credentials to map the share. Or the person asking for the mappsed drive must have an account on the machine serving the share and the account must have the same passwd.

You can open a CMD prompt and type

net view \\> to make sure the share is properly set up
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