Can't get all the gas out(pressure washer)!

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Mar 16, 2003
I ran my Honda pressure washer today till it ran out of gas to store it for winter. There is still a tiny bit in the bottom of the gas tank but if I turn it upside down pump oil start leaking all over the place and it in new oil. WIll it be safe to just leave it in there till spring? This gas was treated with Sta-Bil this past spring in my 5 gallon gas can I use for all my OPE. Thanks! P.S. I pulled the start cord a few times to get the excess water out of the pump. I think I got most of it. Do I still need antifreeze? Last winter this was all I did and all still works...just don't want "luck" to run out if you know what I Thanks!
I had more problems storing seasonal equipment dry that with a full tank. FLAME SUIT ON! Keep in mind this is for storing a machine that will be used next year. I fill mine, add MMO and Stabil to the fuel get it good and hot fog it then drain the oil and refill. As far as the pump goes I rig a hose to the water intake with a funnel on it. Pull the cord with the engine off and pour in anti-freeze until it comes out the water outlet. Then put the machine way. There will always be some residual water in the pump, putting in AF will guarantee you it won't freeze and cause possible damage. I've owned a power washer for over 20 years, stored it this way and never had a problem. I also change the pump oil at the end of the season. JMO
I would add 1 QT fresh gas, a double dose of Blue Stabil, run for 5 minutes on "fast" spraying water into the air. Dump the gas you bought for OPE in your truck. BTW Stabil has a shelf life of 2 years I belive I read, so don't get huge containers of it. Walymart has the Blue Stabil, might be in boating however or normal oil & additives section.
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