Can't find draglink for '88 Topkick....

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Aug 25, 2007
New York
I have an '88 GMC Topkick that needs a new draglink. The local GMC dealer is telling me the GM part has been on national backorder for 8 months. Everyone else is telling me that they can't cross refrence the part # I have to anything else. Anyone know a good online parts house that would have this?
Just to be sure, I would check with another GM dealer. I worked in a GM parts department for 15 years and a backorder like that is rare. I have seen many counter guys that will use a "backorder" to hide the fact that they cannot find the right part number to order, and hope that by telling you it is on backorder maybe you will try to look elsewhere for the part.
A GM dealer that has the Workhorse franchise would probably be most helpful.
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