Cant find a fuel suction bulb that lasts long

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Aug 28, 2010
Wall Marts dont last over a few months. Do motorboat retail have significantly better bulbs..At what price? How long should those last? Buying a walmart cheapie could be worth the hassle for even just a couple uses before it goes bad. Just depends on the price of a goodun.
Why are you using it so often? I better check all my gas caps. grin But seriously, go on Amazon or similar and check the reviews. You get what you pay for. Good fuel resistant rubber costs more than cheap rubber.
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OEM Suzuki or Yamaha bulbs are expensive and last a while. But you should change them yearly or at least carry a spare one(s) Chris
Buy a $11 square fuel pump off ebay. Hook it up to a switch on the dash or the engine itself. Makes any carbed boat turn key
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