cant fill car, fuel pump shuts off

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Apr 7, 2004
While filling my wifes 2008 X3, the fuel pump shuts off and it is difficult to fill the tank. Happened at two different stations, is it a car issue or station issue
Well, try one more station/pump just to be sure. If still the same problem, maybe the little tank air purge thingy is clogged on your car?
Are these stations you routinely use with this car and the problem has just now shown up? If yes, I think Pete's suggestion is the first thing to look into...something in the filler neck vent is blocked.

Some vehicles can be "picky" about gas stations. My Explorer Sport had a fairly short filler neck with a lot of bends. It did not like gas pumps with fast flow. I'd have to hold the trigger at about the half way point to keep it from just clicking off. At slower pumps it would do okay.
My Neon and my dad's new Escape are like that, most gas stations if you hold the trigger down all the way it will just shut off, have to go about half-way. Unless I go to Arco, their pumps seem a little slower lol.
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Turning the fill nozzle sideways seems to help.

Yes, it must on some cars. I saw a guy holding the nozzle completely upside down and he said that was the only angle that doesn't auto shut off with his car.
We had a Kia that did that and currently my van does that, some pumps are worse than others, it frustrating. My mechanic said the air vent tube is small In diameter and it is also located in a bad spot.
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