Canadians, Who makes motomaster filters now??

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Aug 21, 2003
Kingston On, Canada
I was in canadian tire today and I noticed that all of the motormaster filters were now different. For starters the writing on the filter is all black. When I picked up a filter it was quite heavy. I was impressed. The filter had a heavy duty spring inside like the Mann filters. I found a old motormaster filter on the shelf and it is completely different. I know the old ones were made by Fram but who makes the new ones? I did not like that it said it was made in China. Could it be a Champion filter?
Of course I asked the sales associate and he had no idea, just said that they have a new supplier.
Lets all go to China for a job...I like Chinese food
so who's gonna buy one and cut it open? Nearest CT store is over 100km away

What is the price difference from the new can tire ones and the new q-state ones?
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