Canadians---I need the esso xd 0-30 oil please

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Jun 21, 2004
HEy guys/girls

I have been reading how cheap this oil is (3.49/l cac
) and how great it is. Probelm is, here in Brantford, Ont, i cant locate a dealer.
I will however this thursday be driving down to Toronto to visit ryerson university and was planning on picking it up then, if their was a dealer along the way, maybe 24-36 bottles...stock up nicly for my two cars. Also was wondering if i could pick up some redline in T.O. while im their, as NO stores in brantford carry it, and none will order it for me

Have you checked this? Oh, and for Redline, have you checked Canadian Tire? The CT in town here sells some Redline products, motor oils, 2 stroke oil and fuel system cleaner.
lol so, look slike my esso oil question is solved! Thank-you!

yes, i did try the ct here, the wally, and the autoparts store, non of them carry it, and non would order it in. They said tehy had discontinued it for some reason....not sellling enough. I would liek to get my hands on it though...maybe 4 bottles

lol i think blazer, you might be confused...

im looking to get both esso xd-3 AND redline fuel system cleaner.

55- Yes, that is a dealer list, exept my ct and partsource decided to no longer carry it or order it for me

Anywere in windsor i can get this fuel system treatment? im driving down their on the 7th of may
If you're going to be anywhere near Mississauga (just off the QEW between Winston Churchill and Erin Mills) there's a place called JRP Racing that carries Redline stuff. Check here for more. For the Esso, the bulk dealer in Toronto is NOCO lubricants and they're just off the Gardiner Expressway near Kipling. You have to call head office first and place an can't just walk in and ask for it.
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